Sunday, May 20, 2012

Power "punch".......

When you give a title like that it makes someone wonder “What in the name of lord is this article about?” A writer leaves you with a question mark (?) and you continue to read. And that is the ‘power’ of captions. And, well, if the caption does not make you read more then it’s more like the ‘power-less’-ness of the writer (too bad).

I read this word, POWER, and before I could come up with an expression/word/picture I relate with the word I thought about what my friends would have to say. So with my ‘power’ of Blackberry I took a poll to see how people react when a word is thrown at them. And I got replies! These were all in less than 15 seconds – horse ‘power’, ‘power’ of big hug, Visa ‘power’, myself (I am my own ‘power’), my ‘power’ mom, mind ‘power’!! These perceptions tell me how differently we all think. How we associate the word with our strengths or with our surrounding or with our inner selves. So when I am put in a spot and demanded for an answer I look within.

So, now I started thinking about the word. POWER... I would say it means à my voice, so when I talk I would want people to listen (and store), when I make an opinion I want to be heard (and registered) and when my voice is put in words I want it to be read. No bigger power than being noticed, appreciated and then remembered till long. This is what happens when we listen to celebrities, politicians and the likes. Their power of voice makes us follow them (even if it’s on twitter), introspect and sometimes inculcate as well. This strengthens you from within to have been heard.

Be it Obama’s “Yes! We can”, Adele’s “Someone like you” or even Kony 2012 – all voices, all directed towards people and all heard very well. We registered it and even acted upon some. This power of voice comes from the support media – your television, ipod, internet, school, community, friends... all are medium of spreading your voice. They further strengthen your power to make a difference.

I spoke to a young girl belonging to a not-so-well background, asked her if she had a dream. She looked at me and thought for a while. She said she wanted to teach, like me, so that she gets the power of spreading education and make everyone around her more obvious to the fact that we know very little. She dreamed of being part of a change. Her definition of power was so clear to me – she related power to education, to awareness of your surrounding and declared ignorance as an enemy.

Power. Belief. Recognition. Inspiration. Lives. Difference. Comfort.

It’s a spray of words, this article. But it just goes out to say that a word like power churns your thoughts and confuses you. You don’t really know how to define this word and if how you have defined it really says it all. Your power could be different and my power currently is to get your acceptance to my thoughts and making you think how well you could define the word. That’s why the caption as well, like a punch this word puts you out of place, makes you think for a moment and you react not completely knowing if this was really you.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just BE …….

When I smile
The world must smile along

Not that I laugh
And people think that there is something wrong

When I sing
The world must sing along

Not that I hum some tune
And people think I must shut up soon

When I talk
The world must talk along

Not that when I voice it out
There is someone to put their hand on my mouth

When I am happy
The world must spread the cheer along

Not that when I tickle around
Reactions just kill the sound

When am sad
The world just should let me be

Not that when I shed a tear
People force me to see up close and clear

When am quiet
The world should just wait for me to talk

Not that when I want to be myself
Must someone come up and offer to help

Is it so tough to just see??
Is it not easier to just be yourself and also let me be!!!??

Thursday, May 12, 2011

When i say "ME"... what do I really mean....

So as a reply to a Blogger Friend’s post I would want to list down a few things about me even though not sure about how many people would be interested to know me but yeah, this has to be done… This one especially goes to u – Blunt Edges….

Well… Me is gonna write down in one go about myself to bring the honesty in the blog….

1. When I really like a song I just listen to it endless times – on ipod, phone, comp … while working, writing, sitting idle, getting ready… all the time… till I hear a new song which I oh-so-totally adore…
2. I like to write about what’s on my mind. And sometimes I feel I write better when m sad or heartbroken or lonely.. .weird… or I guess when m happy m just too busy being happy to write anything …
3. When m angry I can get very mean. And my hate list has permanent membership.
4. I go out of my way to help or make some1 feel special and most of the times I regret. I guess this is what we call the baggage of expectations.
5. I get bored of people too easily. I need something exciting happening all the time.
6. When m happy I get into my child like mood – singing, crazy faces, crazy dance moves, funny hair do, weird talks …. All of that …. Quite an entertainment at that time.
7. I talk a lot. So whatever is on my mind is on my tongue, almost all the time. Sometimes its good. Keeps the other person on the same page. But it has its own cons ---- oopssssiieeeee….
8. I get this urge to do better. So even small little things inspire me like crazy. I start wondering how can I make things better for myself. I feel highly restless at that time.
9. I’m lazyyyyy….
10. I cant stand a dirty room. Not that I have OCD but I do like to sit in a fairly clean room. Sometimes out of laziness I don’t clean my stuff/room and I keep feeling restless and irritated and so I just don’t look at the dirty part of the room. And finally I clean… all smiles after that… its amazing how nice a clean room makes u feel… there is this sense of achievement. Like a huge task is done : )
11. I get addicted to things --- like FB or BB or Chatting or everyday cold coffee… and I come to know when I’m addicted. Then I myself lay this control. And I refrain from the addiction, like totally. Gives me a good feeling that I can focus …
12. I have this thing about maintaining an order for everything. I don’t believe in last minute plans or packing or getting ready last minute. Everything is pre-planned, atleast in my head.
13. I can never completely rely on someone. I have to and have to put my efforts. I just trust myself.
14. I get close to people very soon and the sooner I get close the earlier I fall flat, well quite a few times. And I somehow have crushes or liking for the BAD guys. Don’t know why… they are like magnets for me. And mind you I’m not happy about this … hmmppfffff…
15. I love gossiping. Everybody does but very few admit, like me. Me feels really *great* rite now. But healthy gossip and truthful opinions. Nothing made up or nothing that would tarnish some1’s image
16. I love shopping (very typical to a girl) but I can just keep on shopping. It keeps me stressfree. Its like a day well psent if I hav shopped.
17. I love smiling. I feel it’s the best way to express yourself. So I’m quite generous with it. And a smile can actually brighten up sme1’s day. So ya all those reading this should smile more often : )
18. I like to observe people. I can just sit for hours in a crowded place and observe.
19. I can talk to some friends for hours and still feel that I have more to say
20. I love talking to my dad. He is reserved sorta person and that’s why I like spending more time with him. I just cant see him sitting alone. Not that he minds it but I love spending some quality time with him. Ok so I love spending time with mom too.
21. I like to meet new people, then ask about their birthdays (and m damn good with remembering birthdays) and then I compare people of the same sun signs and see how they differ or are similar. I like to read my horoscope although I don’t believe one bit in it. I just feel that a good horoscope can really brighten your day.
22. I hate it when people say BUDDAY instead of birthday. It’s very irritating.
23. I’m tempted to correct people when they pronounce incorrectly. And I frankly don’t mind being corrected myself. I mean how else you would learn the right stuff…

There are many more things about me. Small. Big. Silly. Routine. All of that. But I just love being me. I don’t think I would wanna be any different. Its always nice to know that you changed over times as per how you thought it was right and then you stick by it all your life….. Nothing makes you more content than knowing that all that you ever did was what made you happy.

Smile cos it costs nothing but still has a high value. Love cos its free and spreads like wildfire. Care for someone cos it comes right back to you. And always Forgive but never Forget and that way your mistakes will never be repeated…..

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When you were gone ….

When somebody leaves they just leave emptiness behind... Which fills up after a while but time takes its tests and makes sure you become stronger and feel every bit of emotion. Could not help but write it down cos this is something that helps me unwind, let out and leave some things behind . .

A beautiful verse that I had heard and that stayed on my mind “Jis manzil ka koi mukaam nahin hota, usse ek khubsoorat mod pe chhodd dena hi acha hai …. ”

I saw you in people, amongst strangers, between friends. Realized that you were gone.
I saw you in places where we had been together, never found you there anymore. Realized you were gone.
I felt you were around when I saw movies, saw that you were not sitting next to me. Realized you were gone.
I heard songs and felt you were singing them for me. I realized you were gone.
I applied my nail paint and picked my hands for you to see. I realized you were gone.
I sat on the terrace sipping my coffee, looked around and saw the view. I realized you were gone.
I heard my ringtone every time my cell rang and saw who was calling, it wasn’t you. I realized you were gone.
I saw someone smoking and holding that cigarette in his hand. I realized you were gone.
I saw a beach. I realized you were gone.
I bought a new dress. I realized you were gone.
I logged on FB, Gtalk … I realized you were gone.
I saw Smirnoff. I realized you were gone.

I realized that no matter what I saw I knew you won’t come back. It does not make anything easy for me, I’m not happy about any of this. But that’s how it is and life is not that simple.

You were the sand in my hand which slipped away just as quickly I tried to grip it. And then I realized you were gone, gone for good or bad I won’t know, but gone…

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How i wish .......

How I Wish…………

I could decide for myself and then stick to it.
It didn’t matter who was getting hurt so long as I was right.
I walked some distances alone.
I did all the things that I didn’t do earlier to fit in other things.
I stayed close to my friends who stand by me even now.
I danced in rain when the time was right.
I had slept like a baby.
I never had fallen – in rat race, for promises, for temptations.
I could see all the wrong things and still keep my tears back.
I could finalize all the things I wanted to do.
I could talk freely about how I really felt.
I could still be a child and never grow up.
I could stand at the edge of life knowing falling over didn’t really matter – to me or anyone else.
I could sing ….. (cos I feel sometimes words may fail bt songs neva disappoint).
I could just leave everything and do what my heart loves best.
I didn’t lose people in life.
I could get a hug that I always craved for n it remained with me forever.
I could just laugh loudly telling the world “this moment m purely happy”.
Nobody controlled my life.
Tears would just forget my eyes.
Smile would always visit…

N then I realized the wish list would just be like this – for me … for u … but for me it still is a dream, a dream I see every night which makes me think of my wish every morning …

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Small things BIG difference!!

05 things that irritate me about people:

->> People who give very little respect to other’s feelings and are to the least bit empathetic. Such people live in a parallel universe, I guess, because they want respect but they just can’t seem to treat others in social manner. For eg: I have seen people do not respect certain kinds of jobs. I can keep a maid in the house. Get my house “cleaned” by her but I somehow can’t allow her to sit on the chair or eat in the same utensils (which she’ll of course wash) or I can make the waiters run around for my order but can’t seem to smile at him. I mean is it below dignity to appreciate other’s work??!!

->> Then there are people who don’t say THANK YOU, basic manners which we are taught in kindergarten. Or even those who won’t hold the door for you when they are walking through right in front of you. And I mean girls as well. So, you keep the door open for the next person walking in and the other person says thank you for the gesture. Is it so tough to understand??!!

->> Then there are people who think very highly of themselves. Okay so you have landed a high-flyer job and are ‘uncle scrooge-swimming in money’ but you still can’t go around throwing your attitude. People have the general tendency to stare and throw their weight around even when they don’t know the ‘saamne-waala’.. And sometimes people don’t even have the above high-flyer job or the money to swim in still they’ll throw truck loads of attitude.. DUH!!

->> One bit about guys here – Guys who can’t stop staring at a woman at the wrong place **even while talking** should get a grip. Please go and drool someplace else. I have a face and I like being talked eye to eye… So do you mind??!!!

->> I talk a lot and I generally like to tell about myself or my day or what happened before which was oh-so-funny and I don’t mind hanging out with just guys and I don’t mind cracking jokes with them and laughing out loud and I like occasional partying to unwind and I love dressing up. But that does not mean m trying to get attention or I probably smoke and dope and get drunk every night or I have had at least 10 boyfriends..!!! People should stop judging. I have realized that when we make initial opinions about some people we could be so wrong about them and we could actually like that person and be good friends. Give it a thought.

05 things I like about people or at least would like to see in people:

->> Smiles!! I love people who smile or laugh.. Tell them a joke and they give the correct kind of response. The bright smile makes your day and trust me everybody likes to be around such people.. It never hurts to smile at even strangers (of course you should not land up giving some naughty signals)!!

->> Helpful people. They are very few. At least in today’s world; very rare. I don’t mean that one should go out of their way to help someone but a small gesture of showing that you care about the other person and are willing to extend a hand is more than enough. It gives a sense of security to others..

->> I like it when people stay in touch. For months maybe you won’t find time to talk because of busy schedules but one day you just surprise a friend by giving a call and saying hi!! It’s the best feeling ever. I genuinely feel happy for the whole day and m assured that I have made some good friends along..

->> Somehow I like people who take time to get friendly and know the other person. Instant friendships never made sense to me. When people take initiative to know the other person, talk, laugh together, share memories, and listen to each other’s stories… basically be a part of someone’s life… Close friends can really make a difference in life!!

->> Its nice to be with a person who is caring. Not over caring – as in to the point of irritation. But someone who makes sure that you are fine, if u need anything, or holds your hand while crossing the road, or looks out for you if some danger is sensed, tells u when your hair seems funny and sets it for you… (and I mean a girl being caring for a girl as well and not just the boy-girl equation)

These are small little things in life. But they make a lot of difference and one realizes that likeability quotient sometimes is based on these minute details and not on superficial things. But then these are totally based on my opinion!!! You could have your irritating and happy moments.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I feel Young!!

Sometimes passing days make me realize that I’m growing old (especially when you hang out with people who are younger to you)!! But getting old is not in our hands but feeling old (or young) is definitely in our minds… So long as I’m feeling young – age cannot deter me …

I feel young… when I run to cross the road amidst heavy traffic and nasty stares and I feel like a child who has just learnt to be independent!

I feel young… when I apply crazy shades on my nails and then show it to everybody who crosses my way and with the same enthusiasm and a naughty smile!

I feel young… when I get all excited about small little things and when all these small joys give me the idea to celebrate.

I feel young… when I get thrilled about my birthday one month in advance and remind each friend every day about the approaching date!

I feel young… when opening presents still stirs me and gives me butterflies and when the anticipation just gets stronger!

I feel young… when going for a party gives me a rush and I start deciding what clothes to wear and what shoes will go with the clothes or plan to shop!!

I feel young… when I share small little details of my life with same amount of passion and animated expressions.

I feel young… when I laugh like crazzzyyyy not caring about who’s giving me dirty glances and the laugh just brightens my day!!

I feel young… when entering a biggg store gives me an adrenaline rush and I want to see everything around me, walk through for hours and still feel fresh and pumped up!

I feel young… when a trip to supermarket teases me!

I feel young… when I walk behind my mom following her from kitchen to bedroom telling her about how nice my day was!!

I feel young… when m dying to call up my dad to tell him about the most exciting news of the day and to hear him smile and say things like “m proud of u”!!

I feel young… cos I want to feel young every day. Every year that gets added is just a reason to celebrate cos my heart says “I just completed one more year of fun and I have so much more to ENJOY!!!”

Can’t waste my time feeling OLD!!!