Sunday, May 20, 2012

Power "punch".......

When you give a title like that it makes someone wonder “What in the name of lord is this article about?” A writer leaves you with a question mark (?) and you continue to read. And that is the ‘power’ of captions. And, well, if the caption does not make you read more then it’s more like the ‘power-less’-ness of the writer (too bad).

I read this word, POWER, and before I could come up with an expression/word/picture I relate with the word I thought about what my friends would have to say. So with my ‘power’ of Blackberry I took a poll to see how people react when a word is thrown at them. And I got replies! These were all in less than 15 seconds – horse ‘power’, ‘power’ of big hug, Visa ‘power’, myself (I am my own ‘power’), my ‘power’ mom, mind ‘power’!! These perceptions tell me how differently we all think. How we associate the word with our strengths or with our surrounding or with our inner selves. So when I am put in a spot and demanded for an answer I look within.

So, now I started thinking about the word. POWER... I would say it means à my voice, so when I talk I would want people to listen (and store), when I make an opinion I want to be heard (and registered) and when my voice is put in words I want it to be read. No bigger power than being noticed, appreciated and then remembered till long. This is what happens when we listen to celebrities, politicians and the likes. Their power of voice makes us follow them (even if it’s on twitter), introspect and sometimes inculcate as well. This strengthens you from within to have been heard.

Be it Obama’s “Yes! We can”, Adele’s “Someone like you” or even Kony 2012 – all voices, all directed towards people and all heard very well. We registered it and even acted upon some. This power of voice comes from the support media – your television, ipod, internet, school, community, friends... all are medium of spreading your voice. They further strengthen your power to make a difference.

I spoke to a young girl belonging to a not-so-well background, asked her if she had a dream. She looked at me and thought for a while. She said she wanted to teach, like me, so that she gets the power of spreading education and make everyone around her more obvious to the fact that we know very little. She dreamed of being part of a change. Her definition of power was so clear to me – she related power to education, to awareness of your surrounding and declared ignorance as an enemy.

Power. Belief. Recognition. Inspiration. Lives. Difference. Comfort.

It’s a spray of words, this article. But it just goes out to say that a word like power churns your thoughts and confuses you. You don’t really know how to define this word and if how you have defined it really says it all. Your power could be different and my power currently is to get your acceptance to my thoughts and making you think how well you could define the word. That’s why the caption as well, like a punch this word puts you out of place, makes you think for a moment and you react not completely knowing if this was really you.

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